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We're back! Posted 06:19
Tue 12 May
by Kenn

So here we are again! Starry Day is back from the depths after 3 months of vanishing we’re back to our regularly scheduled comicking!
So, why the sudden long hiatus? Long-story-short, I had to move at very last second and had no access to internet on my computer. Whereas I used to be hooked up to the internet, bam, suddenly I’m stuck without a connection and no wireless card in my computer.
Finally after a bunch of personal drama I said ‘screw it, I’m getting a Wireless card!’ and so I did!
The good news is it didn’t mean I had an excuse to slack off, no Sir! As soon as we were settled I got straight onto it and continued working on pages, so I even have a buffer, so should the worst happen I won’t leave you high, dry, and without content as easily.
The part of it all that does make me a little sad is the forced hiatus came so shortly before a year of Starry Day – and without a single missed update! Believe it or not page 60 was ready at the time the hiatus started.
I’m not sure if the time has passed to really celebrate it now… 3 months later, but yay happy anniversary, right?

Though if any of you still think it’s worth celebrating and can think of a way I could celebrate it, feel free to suggest it!

Starry Day goes on hiatus Posted 15:55
Mon 19 January
by Kenn

It's with a heavy heart I have to announce Starry Day will be going on a temporary hiatus.

Unfortunately due to having to move at the last second I've been stuck without a computer or internet (I'm using my work internet to let you know). Today's page was ready but still required some editorial tweaks that I couldn't make and I'd prefer to give you a finished page rather than an unfinished one for the sake of hitting deadline.

With the move it means that I'll be losing an hour each work day with travel and with all our belongings piled up all over the house it's going to be too difficult to provide the same quality and also try and get settled in - I really hope you all understand.

This may take a few weeks but I don't want to set a deadline and cause any disappointment. But I'm hoping it should be sooner than later!

No news here! Posted 15:30
Mon 19 January
by Kenn

No, honestly, there isn't...