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Good news, bad news. Posted 23:28
Mon 25 May
by Kenn

Hey there Starry Day readers!

I unfortunately come to you with a bad news-good news announcement, and is something that I'm sad to announce so soon after coming off hiatus. (It's not that Starry Day is ending *panicked arm flailing* don't think that!)

Something has come up and tonight I will be flying back to the UK from Aus, and won't be back until the 18th June (just in time for my Birthday on the 19th if you feel like getting me something kekeke), It'll mean during this time I won't be really replying to any comments etc.

Now the good news! Anyone who read my previous announcement will know that I continued to work on pages despite not having internet, so during this time the comic WILL be updating. I'll be setting up scheduled updates in my absence so you'll still get your fill whilst I'm away! It will mean I won't be announcing updates on Social Media, so please check in on Wednesday as the new page will definitely be up by then! ^_^;;

(Or just keep refreshing on Tues if you're keen lol)