We're back!

Posted 06:19
Tue 12 May
by Kenn

So here we are again! Starry Day is back from the depths after 3 months of vanishing we’re back to our regularly scheduled comicking!
So, why the sudden long hiatus? Long-story-short, I had to move at very last second and had no access to internet on my computer. Whereas I used to be hooked up to the internet, bam, suddenly I’m stuck without a connection and no wireless card in my computer.
Finally after a bunch of personal drama I said ‘screw it, I’m getting a Wireless card!’ and so I did!
The good news is it didn’t mean I had an excuse to slack off, no Sir! As soon as we were settled I got straight onto it and continued working on pages, so I even have a buffer, so should the worst happen I won’t leave you high, dry, and without content as easily.
The part of it all that does make me a little sad is the forced hiatus came so shortly before a year of Starry Day – and without a single missed update! Believe it or not page 60 was ready at the time the hiatus started.
I’m not sure if the time has passed to really celebrate it now… 3 months later, but yay happy anniversary, right?

Though if any of you still think it’s worth celebrating and can think of a way I could celebrate it, feel free to suggest it!